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Dr Steven Aoun

Counselling for Children, Teens and Adults
South Eastern suburbs, Melbourne
Online and In Person

Welcome to Safe Haven –
a safe and supportive space.

Safe Haven offers a range of counselling services. Our aim is to ensure your well being through positive affirmations and practical solutions. You can finally manage your emotions, realise your potential, improve your relationships and achieve your goals.

Anxiety and Depression Counselling

We can all feel anxious or depressed. We also have our own reasons for experiencing anxiety or depression. Safe Haven provides a safe space to explore these reasons and alleviates the negative impact feelings of anxiety and/or depression may be having on your own life. Safe Haven literally treats each person as a unique individual: it sees the world through your eyes and addresses your needs or concerns accordingly. We can therefore work together to overcome any hurdles preventing you from being happy or living your life to its full capacity. Read more

Children and Adolescent Counselling

Each child develops in their own ways or at their own pace. Although each child is different, they all share one thing in common: they are all in the process of becoming adult versions of themselves and may struggle to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Safe Haven provides a safe and supportive space to explore each child’s developing sense of self. Safe Haven moves within the horizon of each child’s personality, needs and concerns. We can therefore help children navigate potentially confusing situations or feelings and help them move towards the best version of themselves. Read more

Relationship Counselling

We are all in a relationship with someone – with our partners, parents, children, siblings, friends and colleagues. If there is one thing that sets each person apart, it is their connections to other people or dealings with each other. If you are struggling with a particular relationship – cannot make a connection, often find yourself in conflict or have difficulty making your own presence felt – the therapeutic relationship can help you meaningfully engage with other people too. Safe Haven can improve your relationships by (say) working on conflict resolution, communicating your needs or establishing boundaries. Read more

Building Self Esteem and Resilience

Mental health is built upon the foundations of self-esteem and resilience. Self-esteem is recognising your own worth: it is the value you place on your abilities and attributes. Resilience is your ability to cope with adversity or stressful situations. It’s not difficult to see why self-esteem and resilience are so important to your overall sense of well-being: recognition of your own worth will help you overcome any obstacles or setbacks. Safe Haven can help build esteem and resilience by creating a positive self image and developing healthier coping strategies. An awareness of your innate worth and internal strengths will therefore provide the path to happiness and success. Read more

NDIS Counselling

Living with a disability may negatively impact your mental health and relationships. It can create unhealthy feelings of hopelessness or helplessness and encourage withdrawals from other people. Safe Haven provides a safe space to identify, clarify and/or develop your unique abilities and situation: it recognises that being disabled presents its own challenges and opportunities. Safe Haven thereby provides capacity building support to individuals living with a disability and will enable you to become an advocate for yourself and situation. It can help build self-esteem and resilience and support self or plan managed participants. Read more

Anger Management

Everyone can get angry, and feeling anger can sometimes be a positive reaction: it can express our frustrations, communicate our concerns or establish healthy boundaries. Uncontrollable anger, however, is a very unhealthy reaction and creates negative situations: it can hurt the ones we love or make other people angry in turn. Unmanaged anger is therefore a form of self-harm – it can damage all of our relationships or escalate into violence. Safe Haven provides a safe space to explore the reasons for your anger and teaches you ways in which to manage your emotions and behaviour. Read more


Safe Haven specialises in three therapeutic interventions:


Talk therapy is built upon the possibility of mutual trust and understanding. By simply speaking to one another, we can pave the way forward together. Talk therapy identifies issues causing emotional distress and explores patterns of behaviour preventing you from being the best version of yourself. Talking can be therapeutic when there is an honest and open ended dialogue, and becomes a joint effort oriented towards finding solutions together.


Play is the ‘language’ in which children already ‘speak’ and learn to express themselves. Play therapy can therefore help developing children explore their own thoughts, feelings and behaviour in a natural way. The therapist and child meaningfully engage (or talk to) one another through playful activities. By creating a safe space in which to play and explore, they can safely (playfully) work through any issues together.


Art therapy helps people express themselves creatively. Through the act of creation – drawing, writing, colouring, collages, etc – it is possible to give creative expression to what might otherwise remain voiceless or inarticulate. Art becomes therapeutic when it can draw someone out of themselves, creating the opportunity for further exploration, discovery and transformation.


Dr Aoun conducts one-hour weekly sessions in an open-ended manner. He follows the client’s lead by working at their own pace and discretion. There is therefore no obligation or commitment, and the client can discontinue therapy whenever desired or continue on indefinitely.

Comfort Zones

In order to create a safe space, sessions occur in natural situations or informal settings (in your home, at his home office, during zoom meetings or gaming sessions, on walks, etc).

Sessions therefore occur online (Zoom, Xbox and Playstation) or In Person: it is entirely your choice to ensure that you feel comfortable and supported.


$70 per session

Contact / Availability

Dr Aoun is available 7 days a week and can accommodate most schedules. He is based in South Oakleigh, Melbourne and can visit clients located within the South Eastern suburbs.

✉️ safehavenmelbourne@gmail.com
📞 +61 0481 568 472

About Me

Dr Steven Aoun is the proprietor of Safe Haven and a qualified therapist with years of counselling experience in both an official and unofficial capacity.

Dr Aoun has a Master of Counselling degree, a Doctorate in Philosophy and is a regularly published writer on various cultural issues in the media.

Dr Aoun adopts an eclectic and flexible counselling approach, and tailors his approach to the client’s situation or needs. He is equally adept at using various therapy techniques (CBT, ACT, Play, Art and Narrative therapies), to identify any issues or themes. All sessions are directed towards reaching greater clarity and finding solutions together. He therefore recognises that it is the therapeutic alliance – building rapport and working towards a shared understanding or common goal – that is the key to success.